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About Rin crossing

Meetings are what create new stories throughout the ages. Through matching sites, business meetings, and exhibitions, Rin crossing arranges meetings between high quality manufacturers throughout the world and buyers who want products that create new markets, and it supports the development of markets for products that take advantage of local resources through a small and medium sized project structure.

The benefits of participating in Rin crossing

For Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers can expand sales. You can participate in business discussions with foreign and domestic buyers as well as exhibition sales at shops and EC sites.
  • You can develop new products. You can rediscover your company's strengths in collaboration with buyers and creators and take up the challenge of manufacturing goods for sale.
  • You can gain expertise in business discussions. You can gain expertise and ideas on sales promotion in order to proceed with business discussions in a manner that conveys the appeal of your products.
For Buyers
  • Buyers can discover products that ""sell (with higher added value)."" You can find excellent local resource products throughout Japan very quickly.
  • You can develop new products. In collaboration with manufacturers, you can increase the potential to develop original products that have high market value.
  • You can gain sales planning partners. With Rin crossing as a partner, you can expand your point of sale as well as gain ideas and exhibition sales planning, and cultivate manufacturers."

Rin crossing support program

All of these support programs are available free of charge.

Matching website

We care deeply not only about product specifications and terms and conditions, but also the background manufacturing story, as we introduce products that we post to foreign and domestic buyers. In addition, we gather information on the current situation and creators onsite, and convey the appeal of the local resource products.

The "Creator Story" is here

Exhibitions and trade fairs

"By displaying at major foreign and domestic exhibitions and holding product proposal trade fairs, we provide a place where manufacturers and buyers can interact and discuss business thoroughly.

Holding seminar events

We hold events showcasing the appeal of manufacturers' products, seminars on themes such as manufacturing and marketing, and exchange meetings.

Collaboration with special sales events and EC sites

We offer planning assistance and cooperative management of special sales events run at foreign and domestic department stores, EC sites, and the like.

  • Managing the Japan-Wide Gift Exhibition at ecute Tachikawa Feb 17 to Mar 14, 2014.
  • Planning proposals for listing manufacturers on the Tokyu Hands "Hand Ippin Market" (EC site).
Product development support

Supporting product development from the perspectives of the buyer and the consumer through product development projects with collaboration among manufacturers and creators, buyers, students, and the like.

Rin crossing brand concept

We propose incorporating the abundant local resources and traditions that are rooted in Japan, creating products that capture the beauty of the four seasons as well as the cultural life of Japan, and creating a "Space with Color" through these products.

Rin crossing history

"The test marketing shop "Rin" was founded as a small to medium sized organization aimed at increasing the value of local resources (branding) as a support business in Aoyama, Tokyo in April 2008. After four years of operation, the organization was reborn in October 2012 as the new regional resource product sales channel development and manufacturing support project "Rin crossing."
As of this writing, in July 2014, some 400 foreign and domestic buyers and creators are participating, creating a great deal of exchange through the official Rin crossing website, trade fairs, exhibitions, and the like."

Rin crossing --the derivation of Rin--

There are many aspects of the word "Rin" that signify the spirit and coexistence/harmony that symbolize Japanese culture. Reminiscent of these aspects are: the manufacturers that create "works" that make the most of traditional Japanese materials and techniques, the creators that draw out the potential of traditional Japanese materials and techniques, and the buyers who pursue the "works" that draw on the traditional beauty of Japan to add rich color to their modern lives. Rin crossing was born with the mission of "connecting" these stakeholders.

Rin crossing --the meaning of the symbol--

The Rin crossing mark symbolizing climate, etiquette, and culture was designed with a sense for the Japanese kamon family crest and uses red--the traditional color of Japan--and the shape of a circle--the symbol of Japan--to incorporate the feeling of, "exchange among manufacturers, buyers, and creators will create a new 'Rin'."

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