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The exhibitors of home London 20162015/12/11

Rin crossing will exhibit at the home trade fair for the third year running this January with 28 separate makers contributing products to its selection. home will take place at London Olympia on 17-19 January.
Stand Number: K15
Last year Rin crossing stand at home 2015

home is one of Europe’s most important trade shows, and is focussed on design products and tableware. It attracts around 15000 buyers and visitors from 57 countries. It is attended by exhibiters from the UK and from around the world.
At the last home (in January 2015) Rin crossing delivered an exhibition with great individuality and quality in design, that received praise from visitors, and led to new business opportunities.
This year at home 2016, in addition to the most popular items from last time, Rin crossing will introduce to Europe a new selection of design products. Once again these will be divided into four categories: Traditional/ Playful/ Cool modern/ Natural modern

1.Traditional -Bring Japan to your home-
2.Playful -Smiles at your table-
3.Cool-modern -Maximize the taste of Food-
4. Natural-modern -Warm your heart-

We are releasing information of makers/ products shown at our booth. Please follow us and get close to unique products!

Traditional -Bring Japan to your home-

Keitoku seisakusho,LtdClick here to view product list.

Established :1966
Located: Semboku city, Akita prefecture. About: Manuacturer / retailer of Kabazaiku (birch craft) of the cherry tree's bark.

  • Plate, cherry bark moon and waxing moon
  • Wooden plate, made from the cherry tree's bark and Akita Japanese cedar wood. Line-up of three sizes implies Quarter moon Crescent moon and Yumihari-duki (Thin crescent moon: shaped like archery)

  • 〈square〉octagon style tea canister
  • This is a modern-style tea container, designed with a black background and accents from cherry bark and paper-thin wood sheets. The inside is lined entirely with cherry bark, incorporating its features (such as preventing too much humidity and dryness).

  • 〈square〉place mat
  • This is a modern-style luncheon mat, designed with a black background and accents from cherry bark and paper-thin wood sheets. It can also be used as a bread plate and for other use.

Asakura Wood Sculpture ShopClick here to view product list.

Established: 1868
Located: Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture. About: Manufacturer of temple sculpture, Japanese transom, Buddha Statues, shop signboards and original wooden products.

  • chopsticks rest
  • Chopstick rest that is made with the technique of traditional [transom sculpture]of Kagawa. These products invite you to take a moment to relax, pause and put down your eating implement.

  • yakushima island japan cedar triangle wood chopsticks
  • These triangular chopsticks are made of Yakusugi, which is well-known as World Heritage cedar, growing naturally in the mountain area above an altitude of 500m on the island of Yakushima. Some giant Yakusugi trees have lived for more than 2,000 years, and only the trees more than 1,000 years old are called Yakusugi. It is said that the wood of these trees has antibacterial and insect repellent effects.

  • sculptured cake box
  • This hand-carved vessel made of “Yakusugi” cedar is for confectionery. Because it has an uncoated surface, it is recommended to be used exclusively for dry foods.

Tonami Shouten Co., LtdClick here to view product list.

Established: 1960
Located: Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture. About: Manufacturer/ Retailer of Aluminum pans, dishware and pots

  • Unbreakable sake pot
  • It is innovative china-like aluminum tableware called Arumikku, industry's first piece of tableware which is lightweight, durable, safe and secure. Aluminum is a good thermal conductor, so you can enjoy a cold drink in a more tasty and refreshing way.

  • Unbreakable cup
  • This is a light, crack-free, ceramic-like aluminum cup. With far-infrared rays breaking up the water molecule clusters, it makes drinks taste more refreshing. It can be used for any kind of drink, including beer, shochu spirits, and soft drinks.

  • One side pouring bowl
  • This is a light, crack-free, ceramic-like aluminum lipped bowl. As it is dishwasher safe, it is convenient for professional use such as for restaurants.

  • Square plate S
  • This is a light, crack-free, ceramic-like square plate. As it is dishwasher safe, it is convenient for professional use such as for restaurants.

KOZANGAMAClick here to view product list.

Estabilished: 1971
Located: Kasama city, Ibaraki prefecture. About: Manufacturer/ Retailer of Kasama Porcelain

  • Oval plate with crackle slp and lustre glaze
  • These bowls have the warmth of Kohiki pottery and the metallic luster of raster glaze in a fusion of traditional techniques and modern design. The contemporary feel of the design works by bringing the skill of the craftspeople to the fore.

Duco Co., Ltd.Click here to view product list.

Established: 2003
Located: Machida city, Tokyo. About: Retailer/ reparing/ manufacturing of lacquerware and building paints

  • Service plate (Sakura)
  • Glass plates decorated with silver and lacquer work that shine and enhance in the light. Suitable for party and food decoration, also good for displaying as an interior item.

  • Glass fan plate
  • This “fan plate” is a fan-shaped glass plate on which lacquer and silver foil are applied. Several different sizes are available, and the small ones can be used for side dishes. Appetizers, sweets or fruits will look gorgeous on this plate. It can also be used as a decoration, adding some accents to the room. It reflects light in a beautiful way. It is also perfect for a gift.

Hakuhodo Sumitani Saburo & CoClick here to view product list.

Established: 1939
Located: Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture. About: Developing metal product by casting, metalworking for artworks

  • Chopstick Rest 〈Auspicious omens motif〉set of 5
  • Kissho patterns are thought to bring good luck and have long been used in daily life not only at auspicious events but also as charms to ward off bad luck or bring good fortune. The surfaces are painstakingly hand-finished to give the patterns a luster and elegance by female crafts people with over 30 years of experience.

  • Chopstick rest 〈Four Seasons〉 5set
  • This is a tin chopsticks rest resembling nature and culture in Japan. Such atmosphere of the nature and four seasons of Japan will make your everyday table just a little bit different. It is recommended as a gift and for use for guests.

  • Candlestick 〈Madoka〉
  • This is a steel candleholder. Simply add a Japanese candle to make a dreamy Japanese-style illuminated space.

ITOKO Co.Ltd.Click here to view product list.

Established: 1950
Located: Nakagyou ward, Kyoto. About: Manufacturer/ Retailer of Silken fabric and Silk-glass for decoration for space design.

  • Silk and Bamboo tray
  • Fine embroidered silk cloth made by long-established firm Itoko is enclosed in an acrylic panel. This is held in a bamboo frame to make a coaster with a button cell-powered LED. Creates a special moment when conversing over a glass of chilled sake or wine at a high-class restaurant or bar.
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