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Recommendations from the
Rin Crossing booth coordinator2016/01/13

Home London 2016 Recommendation of booth coordinator Recommendations from the Rin Crossing booth co-ordinator

Rin Crossing will exhibit at the Home trade fair for the third year running this January, with a range of products selected from 28 different small producers from Japan. Home will take place at London Olympica on 17-19 January.

Here we would like to introduce some of the products from within this selection, as chosen by Rin Crossing booth co-ordinator Ryoto Mutasono, who is also the manager of the wagumi design shop in London’s OXO Tower.

Last year Rincrossing stand at HOME 2015

Hello, this is Ryoko from wagumi, a Japan design shop in London,
Our shop is based quality of craftsmanship, and originality in Japanese design. The shop itself is located in the cultural quarter surrounding the National Theatre and the Tate Modern art gallery on the south bank of the Thames.
Around 80 percent of the visitors to our shop are from Europe, many with no experience of having travelled to Japan - and so we hope that products that we stock can open a window for them to the country. While the items in our shop have a Japanese viewpoint in their design and craft, we have chosen them also to fit with European lifestyles. Next to the river, we hope our shop can be a bridge - and that we can introduce both the traditional Japanese application, and the potential European application of each product that we stock.

Japanese products in London

For me, as someone who has spent some time in the UK, it is noticeable how far Japanese cuisine has entered the mainstream. I can remember well long treks for Japanese ingredients that would now be solved by a simple visit to a local supermarket. ‘Katsu’, ‘Bento’, ‘Ramen’ and many other Japanese food words have now entered the vocabulary, with competition increased by many more local firms entering this field.
As recognition grows for Japanese food, so I think it does for Japanese table and kitchenware. There is an increasing awareness for the ‘experience’ of Japanese food, beyond just the food itself. In this sense Japanese kitchenware is carving a niche, and commanding influence on design trends - in a similar way to Japanese food in the culinary sphere.
In common with Japanese food, Japanese design products share a dedication to materials, attention to fine detail, and an objective to provide pleasure to the user. With quality at the core, it can be easy to find fans among European customers.
As there are many segments of Japanese design yet to reach the European market, I think there is plenty of potential to win many more such fans in the future.

Themes at the Rin Crossing booth for Home 2016

In common with the Rin Crossing booth at last year’s Home, the aim this year is to introduce a range of products united in their individuality, their quality and their roots in Japanese design. The booth is divided into four, loose thematic areas which stand as a suggestion, but also to be traversed. In its design, the booth will draw on some styles in traditional Japanese shelving, and paper wall partitions - and in this way to hint at the atmosphere in which the products were formed.

Some recommended products

From each to the themes within the booth display, here I am going select some products to give a small sample of Rin Crossing at Home 2016.


Keitoku seisakusho,LtdClick here to view product list.

Established :1966
Located: Semboku city, Akita prefecture. About: Manuacturer / retailer of Kabazaiku (birch craft) of the cherry tree's bark.

  • Octagon tea canister
  • The UK and Japan are both tea loving nations, making products for its storage popular items. The potential applications of tea canisters actually go beyond just storing tea - and they can make popular gifts. The Japanese style of dark wood containers is not so common in Europe, and makes them popular items in many design shops. Beyond the minimal, yet warm and deep atmosphere of the wood - the dark colour of the containers has the application of hiding stains.

Asakura Wood Sculpture ShopClick here to view product list.

Established: 1868
Located: Takamatsu city, Kagawa prefecture. About: Manufacturer of temple sculpture, Japanese transom, Buddha Statues, shop signboards and original wooden products.

  • Striped ebony triangle wood chopsticks
  • As the appreciation for Japanese food has grown, so has the number of people wanting to use good chopsticks. In some ways this trend even surpasses Japan. For Europeans, Japanese food does not the everyday quality it has of course for those in Japan. Perhaps for this reason chopsticks are often quite special items, sometimes given as gifts. Within this unique applications for materials and shapes, often prove particularly popular.

Kodaikokuya Co.,Ltd.Click here to view product list.

Established: 1865
Located: Fukui city, Fukui prefecture. About: Manufacturer/ retailer of Japanese wax candles and insense.

  • Otomyou Japanese candles
  • Candles follow hand cream as one of the most popular European items for gifts. The organic materials used in the Japanese production techniques for these candles, melt to a different quality of light than that left by mass produced candles. They are uniquely soothing, and come presented in a wooden gift box.

SATO WAX. CO.,LTDClick here to view product list.

Established: 1982
Located: Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture. About: Manufacturer/ Retailer of Stainless products

  • Sus casting pot L'hirondelle 22cm soda
  • Slow cooking is a popular pastime during the long European winter. This is also true in Japan where these pots with their playful colour range and clever functions can brighten the kitchen, or even be used as serving utensils.
〈COOL Modern〉

Sasage Industry Co., Ltd. (ANBLICK)Click here to view product list.

Established: 1951
Located: Tsubame city, Niigata prefecture. About: Manifacturing and Processing metal kitchen ware and precision equipments.

  • Bottle opener square
  • Both European and Japanese beer drinkers are increasingly picky in their tastes. Cans of tasteless carbonated lager, and being upstaged by speciality beers in sealed bottles. The specialist beer drinker, may by stereotype, also be a love of mechanical things and quality in design. In which case this bottle opener will fit the bill perfectly.

TOHOKU KOGEI co.,Ltd.Click here to view product list.

Established: 1933
Located: Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture. About: Planning, Manifacturing and selling lacquere ware.

  • This glass set is designed for sake, but is suitable for a range of drinks, drunk by those who love beautiful glassware. Glazed with a technique known as Tamamushi, colour gradients form a mountain range that climbs the side of the glassware. This is a true example of Japanese quality in design and manufacture, waiting to find new applications and new drinks.
〈Natural Modern〉

HOUSEN-GAMAClick here to view product list.

Established: 1980
Located: Toki city, Giu prefecture. About: Manifacturing and selling ceramics.

  • TOKI-TABLEWARE S-cup/yellow
  • In general Europeans surpass the Japanese as users of mugs. Perhaps it is because they have slightly bigger hands. Whatever the reason, this range which brings a Japanese form to the mug design, will certainly add something to the genre and find aficionados in Europe.

Taniguchi Aoya Washi Co., Ltd.Click here to view product list.

Located: Tottori city, Tottori prefecture. About: Making washi and washi products.

  • Semi-wrinkle washi table stand light(S)
  • In recent years Japanese paper lantern makers have frequently teamed with European designers to bring something new to the form. This ’semi-wrinkle’ design demonstrates some original thinking developed in Japan. Whatever its origin in design, the combination of light and Japanese paper creates an ambience that brings a unique quality to any interior.

Hope you can find interest of all products and we look forward your visit.

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